Corinex Identified as the Leading Supplier of Broadband Smart Grid Applications by New IDC Report

Last Updated
October 13, 2021

Broadband solutions become critical as renewables and V2G requirements decentralize the electric grid.

Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA, September 28, 2021 – A new IDC report released on August 18th has identified Corinex Communications Corp. as the leading supplier of broadband-power-line (BPL) solutions. All of the utilities studied by IDC for the report, which have implemented mass rollouts of BPL, have chosen Corinex products for their deployments.

Corinex’s latest products, already tested in the field, are based on, the current networking standard of the International Telecommunications Union, which is compatible with internet protocol version 6(IP v.6). This protocol is endorsed for standardized BPL applications by the PoweRline Intelligent Metering Evolution(PRIME) Alliance, an association of leading utilities and suppliers.

“IDC’s report highlights the need for utilities to enhance the capabilities of their grids,” commented Peter Sobotka, Founder and CEO of Corinex, on the report’s findings. “The global drive towards renewables and electric vehicles creates massive new requirements, like Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G),to securely connect and manage millions of devices. Corinex is a pioneer in developing a full suite of BPL products and software to deliver complete grid-management solutions to utilities and other energy service providers.”

IDC’s report detailed four specific use cases that utilities in Europe have validated. In each use case, the utilities conducting the rollouts of BPL solutions chose Corinex equipment and software in their smart grids.

“We are excited to see IDC reporting the beginning of the transition towards broadband, as 9 of 11 utilities surveyed are already deploying or planning to deploy broadband technology,” said Sobotka. “Corinex’s solution enables this transition through a complete suite of high-speed, secure products and the only enterprise-class software capable of processing millions of messages per minute to manage the devices connected to the grid.”

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