We Do

Decentralized energy production is changing the existing electric grid. We provide a complete energy management solution that integrates distributed electricity devices, collects real-time energy data, and provides predictive models.

Existing Grid

100 connections


Digitzalized Grid

100,000,0000 connections


Corinex overlays energy and IP data over existing grids


Millions of metered homes

Energy Service Providers

Billions of internet devices

Overview of the Corinex
end-to-end energy solution

GridValue Software

The world’s only scalable enterprise-class elements management software capable of managing millions of devices per minute

Cost and Speed Advantagesover
Competing Technologies

Data Transmission
Speed in Mbps

Cost per MB over a
10 Year Life Cycle

New legislation mandates a decentralized grid with massive data requirements

Active customers

Member States shall ensure that active customers are:…

entitled to sell self-generated electricity
, including through power purchase agreements…

entitled to participate inflexibility schemes and energy efficiency schemes;

Demand response through aggregation

Member States shall allow and foster participation of demand response through aggregation.

Member States shall allow final customers, including those offering demand response through aggregation, to participate alongside producers in a non-discriminatory manner in all electricity markets.

Functionalities of smart metering systems

Non-validated near real-time consumption data shall also be made easily and securely available to final customers at no additional cost, through a standardized interface or through remote access, in order to support automated energy efficiency programmes, demand response and other services;

We are an agile company, with a Global Vision.